If you have been going to a big box gym for awhile now and still see no change. You want to get a personal training at your gym. But you don’t want to pay the $500-$600 a month for a trainer. If this is the case then today is your lucky day. For what you would pay 1 month for at a big box gym. You would pay that much for my personal trainer services. But you would get 3 1/2 months for what they are charging for just 1 month. And that’s not all you will get. All your workouts will be ready and waiting for you once you get to the gym. And you will never get bored with your workouts. Because each and everyone of your workouts will be different from the rest. For more information call Retrone Woods at 864-247-2924 or visit my retronewoods.wordpress.com and go to Rates and Special & Deals pages.

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