88 degrees(Time)
Start up
2 rds
100m run
5 squats
5 frog jumps
5 hip rotations

Strength Back Squat

Set 1 @65% of 90% 1rm
Set 2 @75% of 90% 1rm
Set 3 @85% of 90% 1rm
*Set 3 is minimum 5 reps but go for max reps*

We have your spread sheet available at the gym with all of your lifts from last week. Be sure to get this from me before starting so you will know how much to do for each lift.

For time
400m run
3RDS of
6 Reverse lunge (knee touch ground)
12 Get ups 20/10
18 Sit ups (hands touch toes) Then
400m run

Cash out
Stretch and shoulder mobility

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