Mind games(Time)
Start up
2 rounds
20 One leg hyper extension 10 ea 20 Swing kicks 10 ea
20 Jump lunge
10 KBS 20/15

Week 6 Deadlift
3×70% 1RM
3×80% 1RM
Max Reps 90% 1RM
Pull sheet for loads

4 RFT Barbell Complex 135/95 increase 10 pounds after 2 rounds
6 deadlifts
6 bent over row
6 hang clean
6 front squat
6 push press
6 back squats
6 push ups

Once you start your complex the bar can not be dropped through the barbell movements. For example, if you drop your bar on rep number 5, you start over on the exercise you were on. Yes back to number 1. The same applies to the push ups. Barbell complex is meant to be challenging. If you cannot do the prescribed weight(rx’d)choose a weight that is very challenging. See a coach for help with loads if you have any concerns.

3 sets of V sit max hold
20 seconds rest between sets Record longest hold

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