WOD ( workout of the day) Distinct Crossfit.com

Cold air intake(Time)
Start up
Length of gym
High skip
Walking lunges
Walking knee hug
Walking quad stretch
Toe walk (25 tiny steps, jog it out)
Heel walk (25 tiny steps, jog it out)
Butt kicks
10 Hip rot L/R
10 Swing kicks L/R

12 rounds
On the 2 min
200m run
5 toe to bar
*if you can’t complete work as rx within the 2 min time frame use 3 mins and do less rounds. This only applies if you absolutely cannot finish within the allotted time. No sandbagging!!

Stretch, roll, smash…this doesn’t mean leave early. This means spend 5-10 minutes rolling and smashing those sore spots from Mon and Tues!!!!

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