WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

Fantastic voyage(Time)
Start up
2 rds
10 cauldron 15/10 L/R
10 scap push ups
10 strict press with 2 sec active shoulder hold
10 iso lat raise 10/5 plate

400m run
400m farmers carry 70/50
15 rope slam

Recovery and stretch Foam roller, lacrosse, band assisted stretching

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

Pick your poison (Time)

Complete the following in any order
200m run, 80 strokes on rower, 30 cal Airdyne, 2 rope climb, 200 mountain climbers, 50 rope slams, 40 plank to bridge, 30 toe to bar, bear crawl 40m, 20 get ups 15/10, 10 manmakers 20/16

Post time on board

3rds 1 min per
Cross leg stretch IT band
Hamstring Single arm

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

Death by 10m (Rounds)

Death By 10m

For example, the first minute is one 10 meter sprint, the second minute is two 10 meter sprints, the third is three 10 meter sprints and so on until you can’t complete X number of sprints in 1 minute.

If you do not complete 15 rounds, you will have a 12 burpee penalty per round.

Finisher Pick a goat:
-100 double unders
-30 pullups (as little assistance as possible)
-15 muscle ups/attempts for those close to getting them
-5 rope climbs (no floor mod – get as high as you can)
Stretch, roll (note: this is not one of the goat options)

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

Aerobic awareness day (Reps)

FGB clock 30 sec on 30 sec off
Tire sledge 8#
Rope slam
Temper tantrums 15/10 (KB must touch ground)
Ball slams 8# hard ball
Mountain climbers(every rep counts)

30 sec iso y hold per side
30 cuff iso
30 sec butterfly stretch
30 sec starett hip opener per side 30 sec bent over hamstring stretch

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

Endless love(Time)

200m sprint
400m sprint
800m run
1600m run
200m farmers carry 90/70
120m oh walking lunge 45/35

100m sprint
200m run
400m run
800m run
200m farmers carry 50/30
120m oh walking lunge 25/15

Couch stretch
IT band stretch
Calf stretch
Hip distraction

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

3-5-14(Check In) Start up

5-1 arm sit up(each arm) 20/15
10 floor wipers(each direction 20 total) 95/65
20 corkscrew(20 total)
Choose one of the following:
Krispy Kreme run(1.6)
2000m row
100 cal Airdyne
800m farmers carry 70/40 DB or KB allowed

Stretch, roll, recovery

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct Crossfit.com

Appeal to God(Check In)
Start up Coaches choice

3rds of the following:
1. GHD sit-ups
2. V-sit
3. Static hold on rings(top of push up position)
4. Tuck hang
5. Right plank
6. Front plank
7. Left plank
8. Vertical sit up

Set the clock for 24:00 minutes 30 seconds of each movement followed by 30 seconds of rest. During your rest period do 5 perfect push-ups.

Spend a few minutes to roll and stretch anything that hurts. See coaches for suggestions.