What Does This Mean??

DCF(Distinct CrossFit)
OHS(Overhead Squat)
SDHP(Sumo Deadlift High Pull)
C&J(Clean and Jerk)
PC or P Clean(Power Clean)
SC(Squat Clean)
HC(Hang Clean)
HPC(Hang Power Clean)
HSC(Hang Squat Clean)
F SQ(Front Squat)
BK SQ(Back Squat)
BX SQ(Box Squat)
KBS(Kettletbell Swings)
HSPU(Handstand Pushups)
HRPU(Hand Release Pushups)
BMU(Bar Muscleups)
DU(Double Unders)
G2OH(Ground to Overhead)
S2OH(Shoulder to Overhead)
C2B(Chest to Bar)
T2B(Toes to Bar)
K2E(Knees to Elbow)
Pistols(1 Legged Squat)
DL or Deads(Deadlift)
P Press(Push Press)
SH Press(Shoulder Press)
WB(Wall Balls)
BJ(Box Jumps)
BSU(Butterfly Situps)
B Press(Bench Press)
Lax(LaCrosse Ball)
EMOM or EMOTM(Every Minute On The Minute)
AMRAP(As Many Reps or Rounds as Possible)
RFT(Rounds For Time)
WOD(Workout Of The Day)

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