WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

Brutality (Reps)
Start up
5:00 min active warm up

complex 5:00 mins
High hang snatch
Hang snatch
Squat snatch
Choose a moderate weight that you know you can do with smooth transitions

Amrap 10
1 mile run
Max rep cleans 205/115 Score is total reps-record mile time

Mile incentive is as follows:
6:00 mins and under add 5 reps to your score
7:00 mins and under add 4 reps to your score
8:00 mins and under add 3 reps to your score
9:00 mins and under add 2 reps to your score
10:00 mins and under add 1 rep to your score

Rest 5 mins

Amrap 7
200 double unders
50 pull ups

Front squat 3×1

50 abs of choice

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

No joke (Time-Rx2)

50 Hand release push ups
40 Box jump 24/20
30 Squat 75/55
20 Toe to bar
10 Hspu, RX2-1 abmat

Mod-see coach

Record time and rest 5 mins then

1600m run for time

Clean skill complex
3rds (light weight)
High hang clean
Hang clean

Strength 80-85% of 1rm
2×2 Power clean
2×2 Front squat

1 min couch stretch per side
1 min oh single arm band distraction
1 min band ham stretch

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

Don’t Drop The Ball(Timed)

For Time
800M Run W/Med Ball 20/14
25 Wall Balls 20/14
25 Walking Lunge W/Med Ball 20/14(2 Lunges =1 rep)
25 Wall Taps W/Med Ball 20/14
25 Situps W/Med Ball 20/14
800M Run W/Med Ball 20/14

Mod is a 400M Run

Mobility 5-10 mins

WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

3-5-14(Check In) Start up

5-1 arm sit up(each arm) 20/15
10 floor wipers(each direction 20 total) 95/65
20 corkscrew(20 total)
Choose one of the following:
Krispy Kreme run(1.6)
2000m row
100 cal Airdyne
800m farmers carry 70/40 DB or KB allowed

Stretch, roll, recovery

WOD ( workout of the day) Distinct Crossfit.com

Start up
3 mins
10 jacks
10 high knees
10 mountain climbers

1 mile run then
5 rds
10 knee to elbow
10 hand stand push ups
120m sprint

Floor press
3×10 climb

2 rds
10 sec band assisted shoulder stretch
10 scap push up
10 sec chest stretch