WOD(workout of the day) Distinct CrossFit.com

TWELVE (Rounds)

Amrap 12
15 Box jump or step ups 24/20
15 Abmat sit ups

5 minutes lax shoulders
30 sec quad stretch L/R
30 sec calf stretch L/R
30 hip rotations L/R


WOD ( workout for the day) Distinct Crossfit.com

It’s a jungle out there(Time)

Start up
10 PVC good mornings
10 PVC push press
10 Suicides

30 step ups 24/20 115/75
15 push press 115/75
120 m barbell carry (back)115/75 15 OHS 115/75

Back squat
2 warm up sets of 3-5 reps
10 rep back squat at 75-80% of 1rm

Snatch 6 mins
3×1 Climb to heavy

1 min max reps GHDSU

WOD ( workout of the day) Distinct Crossfit.com

Start up
length of gym
Monster walks
Heel walks
toe walks
heels to rear

“Living and the Dead” In this workout you can choose to be alive or a Zombie. If you are alive you will start the workout with the first group. If you are a Zombie you will start the WOD exactly 3 minutes after the living people and try to catch them!

800m run
20 OH walking lunge 75/55
30 KBSitups 20 per side 35/20
50 goblet squats 35/20
50 push press 75/55
30 step ups 24/20 holding 35/20# 20 pullups(each time you stop during the 20 pull ups their is a 6 frog jump penalty at the time of the drop)
800m run

*If you are a Zombie you must catch at least one person. If you fail to catch somebody you must do a penalty of 25 burpees after the workout. **If you are alive and you get caught by any Zombies then you must also do the 25 burpees. The only people who don’t do burpees are the living who don’t get caught and the Zombies who catch people.